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Having a great looking property is an excellent way to increase the value of your home. It has been said that landscaping can add up to 20% on top of what you paid for the house! But does it really? The answer is yes, and here’s why. By adding plants, trees, rocks or anything else outside of your home, you are increasing the curb appeal for potential buyers. And this can mean more money in your pocket when you sell your house!

A valuable property investment is one that increases not only its financial value, but also the enjoyment of your home. Professionally designed and maintained landscaping in Brisbane can add these features to a home’s interior and exterior with added features like increasing its value.

Why should homeowners and sellers bother with landscaping?

When it comes to preparing your home for sale, most people think of the inside. Picking out a fresh color palette or getting your roof assessed might make you feel like you’re in control of the elements outside of your door, but that doesn’t mean that landscaping can’t bring value to your property. Good landscaping and a garden can be just as, or more important than the interior renovations of your house.

Landscaping is one of the few home improvement projects you can undertake that not only immediately adds value, but actually increases in value over time as well. Consider how the value of your home would increase significantly with new plant life on its property while it continues to grow stronger whereas old paint peels away.

With many homeowners struggling with how to keep their home cool during the summer, it’s no wonder that landscaping is one of the best things a homeowner can do outside of a house. Trees and bushes by windows create shade in summer, thereby decreasing the need for heating and air conditioning.

“According to research, good landscaping can add up to 24% to your home’s overall value.”

This is what you should do (and avoid) when using landscaping to increase the value of your home

Keep in mind some of the following do’s and don’ts:

  • Lawns are typically less valuable than homeowners think they are. Lawns usually require a lot of maintenance, which can make attractive properties look messy and empty.
  • A water feature in your garden or in your backyard is an appealing feature to create a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Placing outdoor lighting with solar-powered lights on your property can create safety and a distinctive aesthetic. Often this can be done DIY for a very small investment
  • As a general rule avoid swimming pools as it is an additional cost for homeowners, but given the right circumstances and target market it can appeal to some buyers.
  • Does a tennis court increase the value of your property? Not really. A basketball court does not increase the price of your property either. You may be limiting the number of prospective buyers for your home if you have no other similar interests in common with them.
  • Decks are generally easier to maintain and will last longer than concrete patios.
  • There are benefits to sprinkler systems, including decreased water usage and less frequent maintenance
  • A patio is a great outdoor space with an aesthetically pleasing integration of home, outdoors, and tranquility. It helps increase the value of your home as it merges the outdoor and indoor space together.
  • Stay away from artificial turf. It doesn’t age well, which can affect the value of your home when or if you decide to sell. It is also incredibly difficult to remove.

Quick tips for increasing the value of your home with landscaping

If you are landscaping to sell a home or even if your just trying to spruce up the front of your house, here are some tips on how to do it properly…

1. Focus on your lawn edges

A neat lawn is a great way to make your outdoor spaces look more inviting – and it’s also an excellent selling point for your home. Not only does edging the grass around a garden or backyard require little work, but as it creates a tamed feel, you can expect people to think that this space is easier to maintain than other houses potential buyers are looking at.

2. Add lots of plants

A visual barrier from plants can be an excellent way to create a space in your outdoor living that feels incredibly private. It can also help reduce street noise and provide shade during the summer months. The more species you have, the harder it will be to maintain, so keep it limited as much as possible when creating your garden.

3. Mulching

Making your garden look neat, tidy and low-maintenance is easy with the right mulch. Utility mulch, such as pine bark or forest fines, works nicely to give you this appearance.

4. Install a new lawn

When selling or refinancing, a lawn full of lush greenery will make an impact on anyone who does not know the industry. The easiest and most cost-effective option is to use Kikuyu grass rather than buffalo grass. Grass seed blends can help patchy or browned lawns green itself up and again add value. There are also alternative solutions for gardens with very little or no lawn.

5. Don’t be afraid of colour

Bringing color and texture to your yard with an array of flowers in a variety of planters is one way to give your home the most interesting look. While it’s not applicable for everyone, it can increase the value of your home. Bonus: You can take the plants once you’ve sold your home

6. Be a conservative pruner

A simple pruning every few years is all you have to do, but make sure not to over-prune or take too much away from the trees. Just remove a branch here and a twig there so your garden doesn’t look too bare.

How much value can landscaping actually add to your property?

The question remains, how much does a property increase in value with excellent curb appeal?

Is all the work involved in investing in landscaping and then maintaining it worth it?

According to a research paper by Clemson University Professor Mark S. Henry, even taking your landscaping and gardening efforts from ‘good’ to ‘excellent’ could add significant value to your home – at least 6-7%.

Not landscaping can actually decrease the value of your home.

It’s also interesting to note that 70% of real estate agents who were interviewed for the 2011 Husqvarna Global Garden Report believed that a neglected garden lowers property prices by somewhere between 5-15%. Another 17% believed the effect could be even higher.

Simple garden maintenance can make a big impact on your properties value

According to the report, the garden is intimately related to the overall appeal of the house, and an attractive garden has the power to influence a buyer’s perception of a property. In order to prove this theory, Husqvarna split a group of five thousand homeowners in half and presented the first group with pictures of beautiful and well-maintained gardens; the second group was given exactly the same 5,000 homes, but showed no evidence that they had been tended beyond a professional landscaping.

The first group on average guessed a whopping 26% higher market value than the second group.

How much to spend on your landscaping (to increase property value)?

They say that when you build a property with a budget of 400k, spend 10% on the garden; you can spend up to 30% on your garden and still make a significant return on your investment.

What are the top trends in landscaping and outdoor spaces for increasing value?

Outdoor rooms – pools and patios in particular – are all extensions of your house. Making them look good will increase the value when you sell. During an auction people often go straight to the backyard. Australian’s seriously value the ability to have a space to entertain, relax and enjoy – for this reason landscaping particularly firepits, conversation pits, in-built seating, outdoor kitchens, laser-cut screens, steelwork, outdoor art, sculptures and of course the BBQ are some of the top trends homeowners are choosing to go with as they improve the ‘social aspect’ of a house’s value.

What are the advantages of hiring a professional landscaper?

If you are wanting to avoid the DIY route and guarantee high-quality gardening services, a professional is the right choice for you. They will come equipped with specialised equipment and materials, such as more precise mowing equipment and varieties of fertiliser.

Of course hiring outside help may cost more – but there are many costs to selling a home and very few help increase the value of your home. Landscaping does. Think of landscaping as an investment, and the best way to get the most of your investment is to make sure its managed in a professional way.

When you hire a professional to work on your property, you will get the knowledge and skill that is needed. You’ll also receive their expertise which might prove invaluable as well as a maintenance plan in order to keep your garden up to date so it remains appropriately cared for.

It is also vital to preserve your landscape, which means not overwatering, or as we mentioned before, over-pruning. Small mistakes can have a significant impact on the final look and health of your garden… so hire a professional!

Above all, the time and energy you save when you work with a professional can be very valuable as you know you will be in safe hands.

Our professional experts can help design and maintain a yard that will not only add more than 20% value to your home – we can design and implement a maintenance plan so your garden remains in tip-top shape.

Landscaping Brisbane

First impressions count

Most home improvements will add value to your property. The visual impact of your garden is one of the most important because it is the first thing potential buyers will see. First impressions last and you want potential buyers to understand that you have looked after your home. Make them realise that the property is a low-maintenance with an attractive and tidy look, creating a comfortable environment where they can feel at ease. You want your property to stand out so you can attract potential buyers. So if you are thinking about updating the look of your landscaping – or perhaps just after a tidy up, contact our team and we will be able to help you with all of your landscaping needs!



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