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Residential Landscaping

Welcome! You’ve found your way here (so we know you’re curious) and after liaising with hundreds of clients since our inception we’d like to think we can anticipate at least some of the information you may be seeking. It would be fair then to mention that our team of specialists is equipped and ready to work with you on the design, costing and completion of your next commercial or residential landscaping project. Furthermore, in the interest of proving why we think we’re the best team for you, we’ve included a link at the bottom of this page to a photo gallery of a few of the top-notch green spaces we have created.

Before you scroll that far, let’s talk:

Budget – When considering a landscaping project, it is essential to be clear about your financial capacity from the outset. Your budget will serve as the foundation from which you will be able to determine all components of your project, from which contractor you choose to engage to the scope of the works able to be completed.

One of the most common hurdles to determining budget is realising that you may simply not know the dollar value of new turf or materials for a veggie garden. In this instance, the best way to move forward with your project is to establish a spending limit. If you know that spending more than $10,000 on your project is beyond what you can comfortably afford, let our team know so we can discuss your ideas with you and establish which of these can be achieved without exceeding your spending cap.  

Timeline – The landscaping industry is typically subject to appointment and project commencement availability based on seasonal weather. For example, we see an upsurge in enquiry during warmer months when people spend more time outdoors.

In many instances, by the time you lodge your enquiry you are most likely ready to obtain a quote or commence your project. It’s important to be aware that while we are as excited as you to get everything underway, our immediate quoting and projects commencement appointments may have been booked by other people. While you have our assurance that we will always book you in for our soonest available appointments, if your project is time-sensitive we recommend placing a quick phone call to our team around two weeks prior to your preferred appointment date to determine our next availability and reserve your spot.

Location – Our team services from Central Moreton Bay region to Greater Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, Northern Gold Coast and everywhere in between.

Components – One of the best approaches to deciding which components of landscaping you’d like to see at your property is to first determine whether it is ‘soft scaping’, or ‘hard scaping’ you’d like to see in greater abundance.

‘Soft scaping’ is a term used to describe the living elements of an outdoor space, for example, grass, plants, veggie gardens, mulch, soil and small water features

Once you have assessed which design components will make up the bulk of your project, you’ll be better positioned to discuss the finer details with a landscaping professional.

*Please note Garden Life Landscapes is proud to offer an end-to-end service, which does not cover “design only” consultations.

You’ve made it this far – ready to chat? We are!

Give us a call on (07) 3278 0558 or visit our contact page to lodge an enquiry

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Landscape Design

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