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Turf Installation

If you’re looking for a new lawn, then look no further. Garden Life Landscapes are always pleased to offer their expert advice on the installation of turf and will ensure that your lawn is installed by experienced professionals with extensive knowledge in all aspects of turf installation. We pride ourselves on our reputation but also our ability to provide expert knowledge on the type of turf to install as well as the stages of treatment.

How much does turf installation cost?

One of the hottest topics in lawn care today is pricing. The cost of a new yard has been rising exponentially and as such, so have our expectations for getting outstanding service. The average price of installed turf is $28 per square metre but the price does depend greatly on the variety of lawn you choose and the area’s preparation needs. Overall, most new lawn projects will set you back around $18 – $34 per square meter.

To get a more exact estimate of your lawn installation try our free landscaping cost calculator – it will give you an estimated price depending on the size of your yard.

To learn more about how Garden Life Landscapes can help you with your next turf installation project contact us and we will organise a free consultation and quote!

Get Help With Your Turf Installation Project

We can install brand new turfing or artificial turf, on a new site or even replace your existing lawn. We choose the perfect soil type for your garden, add fertiliser to give your lawn the best possible start and incorporate water crystals to retain moisture and reduce the amount of new lawn watering you would typically have to do.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Turf Installation In Action

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